Hello people!

Can you help me?

I am making a musical system. Have a quick skim through the pages in bold on the left and see if you get it. It's really simple! But it goes all the way to the core!

This work has the potential to bring musical fluency to many people that currently consider it 'above their station'.

There are four obvious ways in which you can help me:
  • First and foremost, I need some power, in the form of money. More on that below.
  • Secondly, you can spread the word, put this website around Facebook, tell people who may be interested.
  • Thirdly, I'm looking for an artist to help me with my symbols.
  • Fourthly, constructive criticism is welcome, as are suggestions.

Primarily, I need some cash.

Please donate!

If you sprinkle some water on this seed, thankyou! And please come back after a year and see the tree that has grown in its place!

I'm attempting to eventually raise $5000
(If you have arrived from Pledge bank, don't be put off. Even if I get $500 from the pledge it will help massively.)

This money will:
  • keep me fed and housed, so I can focus one hundred percent on this work (my living costs are minimal, no hot water tsch etc etc)
  • allow me to pay a graphic designer
  • allow me to outsource coding work until my iPad/iPhone applications are generating enough revenue on Apple's store -- at that point the project will have hit critical mass and hopefully be able to fund itself.

Within the next three months I plan to:
  • finalise the system and train myself to a point of complete fluency using it

Within the next six months I plan to:
  • Release software for iPad / iPhone for training basic musical skills, for acquiring and developing absolute and relative pitch, using the system
  • Have the software feed result data back, analyse, and scientifically demonstrate the effectiveness
  • Sort out a coherent website / community centre for this work

Within one year I plan to:
  • Extend the website to include flash-based (ie in-browser) games to mirror the existing iPad / iPhone software
  • Reach out to musical institutions with the experimental result data to back up my claim that this system will offer a fast track to the acquisition of musicality.
23 July 2011

I am caught in a giant Catch-22 situation. If I had my software on the shelf, it would be generating enough revenue to keep me going, and to let me pay to outsource work. But I need to outsource this work to get it on the shelf! And for some reason all of the banks I have contacted are refusing to loan money for 'IT related ventures'.

EDIT: I don't know how to put this. I really don't want to present a 'hardluck case'. But as I write, I have been hit a few hard knocks recently. I am hitting my credit limit with both my bank cards. Also I am currently very ill, how seriously I don't know. Severe viral conjunctivitis has led to an ear infection which has led to bronchitis. And it looks as if maybe the conjunctivitis is coming back. I may need money for health care. If my eyes go again I will be unable to work for some time, unable to earn, and even unable to see for a while.

Symbol hunt

I'm also currently working on matching a symbol to each toneme, here. who is in touch with their inspiration here? are there any artists out there who can envisage a set of 12 symbols? or even modify what I have slightly? or move the colours around? if so, please find me on the IRC channel or my email (sunfish7|gmail|com) -- I am there most of the day. what I am really looking for ( and this is something money cannot buy ) is someone who is able to craft 12 symbols.