Toneme system Part I -- The ABSOLUTE

The piano has 12 distinct notes.


Imagine if each of these 12 notes is a unique colour
..., given a unique name (ie a consonant phoneme) and arranged in a circle.


Now imagine if you can listen to a melody and every note you hear lights up the corresponding toneme, so that in your brain you are aware of the colour and the sound. (I follow each consonant with 'ah'. So e.g. Dah Rah Mah...).

Then making music would be easy! anything you hear, straightaway you can find it on the piano. Also any melody you imagine, each note in this melody will connect with its colour and it's sound.

You could play music without any musical theory!

Then imagine you can start to work on a bass guitar, you intuit the baseline -- you intuit which note will work with the melody. Straightaway the colour and the phoneme will come, because a direct association has been made by the brain. so you can find this note on the instrument.

In fact once you know the notes, picking up a new instrument is easy, you just have to discover where these notes are on the new instrument.

So you will develop the ability to harmonise as you play, extending this to complex music, chords with 7 or more notes sounding simultaneously.

The only catch is: how to build this connection in the brain? That's what I'm working on, developing a set of iPhone/iPad games to develop this skill. It is otherwise known as ' perfect pitch '. There is a lot of mythology surrounding perfect pitch. In fact it has been documented ( over 100 years ago ) that this skill can be consistently taught to children. However, up till now it seems there has not been well documented case of an adult acquiring perfect pitch.

I intend to change this, by acquiring perfect pitch. Though we may never meet, this little girl is my teacher.

This is maybe enough. I am not convinced that any musical theory is necessary for fluency.

Certainly this is enough for a first step. I think everyone will be able to understand what I have written so far. But the next step goes into deep waters of musical theory. It is a simple extension, but the implication is profound, and to look at it alongside the existing system of musical theory is not for the faint of heart.

If you are ready, follow to the next step.