my system comprises 12 entities

it is essential each entity forms its own distinct concept in the brain

up till now I have been using colour, clock position, phoneme (and pitch of course)

but even this is lukewarm, it is quite weak.

I need a symbol for each of the 12 entities.

a quick note on symbology. I never realised this until I looked into it. a symbol has the capacity to reach deep into us, maybe a pyramid can transport us back 1000 years, a mountain a million years. an eye hits straight to another place in the brain. a rose to another, because it invokes the scent. similarly a pentagram takes us to a completely different realm.

so 12 symbols well chosen could have the capacity to really light up the brain as we learn them.

I learned my system without symbols, and ( although I learned it to a reasonable degree of fluency within a couple of days, it would have been 10 times easier with symbols )

so, this is very tricky. Here are might attempts so far ( and bear in mind this goes hand-in-hand with choosing a set of 12 colours, I am still trying to get a satisfactory set of 12 symbols and colours... this is work in progress and any input is appreciated, I would love to find an artist who is willing to help me with this )


I had a second go today...


key things to bear in mind when choosing
  • everything should be very distinct from everything else. for example, Sun Moon star and mountain are all kinds of 'geography' related. of course everything is related to everything, but I'm trying to get some good spacing, trying to light up as much of the brain as possible with these 12 symbols.

  • Need to be careful using foods as people may have aversion reactions ( potentially I could use more than one symbol and people can choose for themselves which symbol they want, even creating one if they want ... there is a lot to be said for this as it transfers creative power to the learner )

  • each symbol should have a distinctive silhouette and be easy to draw. Things like bird, fish, sun, heart. these are perfect. but if I have sun, I cannot have orange because they both come out as a circle

so, I am completely 100% happy with
  • the red heart
  • the purple pentagram, this is the right colour for it
  • the red-orange sun

everything else could do with some shifting around and thought.
  • I want to use water for something in the blue area, not sure which blue to use
  • clock positions 4 5 6 are really tricky. I can't think of anything other than an olive that is olivegreen. this is bothering me to the point of considering shifting the colours around. but of course I could use a symbol and give it any colour. I could have an olive green hand. it doesn't have to make sense. it might be easier for the brain to learn if it is crazy, like the blue banana. for example, lightning isn't blue.
  • definitely I want something green and leafy, but I can't even find a name for this colour at the six o'clock position. ''dark leaf green" doesn't really roll off the tongue

very open to ideas here, truth to tell I'm struggling on this!